Tourism Nova Scotia (Spec) Ads

“Speculative Ads – Click left or right on the image’s edge to view more”


This set of speculative ads could be part of a future Tourism Nova Scotia campaign based on attracting a younger tourist demographic, specifically trend setters such as digital nomads and bloggers to the province of Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast.

Such a campaign would focus on three main elements: Nova Scotia’s growing “foodie” culture, relatively untouched wilderness and direct access to a seemingly endless coastline. The tone of the copy is “punchy” and “in-your-face” but in a subtle somewhat Canadian way.

The conception, copy and design were all done by me (except the logo).

Boston Public Library on Flickr (Woman with lobsters photo).(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0). All other images are released under Creative Commons CC0 as public domain (source: Pixabay). These images were modified for non-commercial use.