13 Books That Will Make You 13 Times Better at Writing Copy

  Finally, a book list that will help you write better copy   I’ve been recently looking for the ultimate book list for copywriters, marketeers and advertisers. "It’s got to have some flavour to it, not just hyped up overrated tips and anecdotes", I said to myself – I wanted real substance. But I couldn’t find a single comprehensive list that satisfied me. Not only should a great book list contain works from relatively recent

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The First Freelancer

  Freelancer copywriters – the mercenaries of today’s business world of words   Once upon a time a lord in his castle needed some war to be won... he needed a free knight with his handy lance... a free-lance. Fast forward a few hundred years to the modern-day era of fighting wars with words, substitute lances with pens and we have our modern-day freelance(er). You are the lord (business owner) and your castle (company) needs


The Eye of Your Customer

    What can possibly happen in just 0.05 seconds?   Guess what marketers and UX folk... you have one heck of a job cut out for you. Why, you say? Well, apparently we humans are amazingly engineered to recognize the bad from the good, faster than you can blink – literally. In this case we’re talking about a visitor’s first impression of your website. Research conducted by a group of researchers from Carleton University

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What is Copywriting?

  "Copywriting... hmm, I've heard that word before"   Maybe today was the first day you’ve heard the word “copy” or “copywriting” used, but felt a little clueless about what it really means. No worries, we were all in the same boat at some point in our lives – after all we weren’t born knowing these things at birth (except for Chuck Norris). Let’s quickly look at a few official definitions and then I’ll give

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Let me start this off by blowing your mind   According to research conducted by Harald Weinreich, Hartmut Obendorf, Eelco Herder, and Matthias Mayer in their paper Not Quite the Average: An Empirical Study of Web Use, which was analyzed by Jakob Nielsen, under 30% of people who visit your website will actually be able to read the site’s entire content.   But wait, that wasn’t the mind blow... this is:   He also calculated

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